Hour of the Pearl

I think you’re supposed to go to Hour of the Pearl to read Andy Mills’s comics. And don’t get me wrong, I read the shit out of the comics. But really, my favorite part of his tumblr are the essays he posts along with the comics:

It is January 1, New Years Day, so we all are laying around, hungover, being introspective, catching ourselves being ourselves, hating what we’re doing, promising to stop doing it this year and promising that this is the last day we’ll do it or that Monday will be the day or next week sometime, and we continue to be ourselves through this year and the next and the next and forever until we die, still essentially ourselves, ten pounds heavier than our ideal weight and riddled with lung cancer, alone.

One time, some guy from either L Magazine or The New Yorker (I forget) told Andy that he needed to change something about his comics, maybe to put in less text? I disagree. They’re pretty much perfect as far as I’m concerned.