Qualifications of a Guru


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

May 15 is the birthday of Adi Sankara, the greatest Hindu sage who lived in seventh century. In his short life of 33 years he wrote more than fifty books, traversed India reviving Vedic culture amongst deteriorating Buddhist population. It is his books and commentaries that Gurdev used to bring this knowledge to the British educated but spiritually ignorant Hindus like myself. I have not read anything more clear and pithy than Sankara’s writings.

Those of you who took time to think about their fear and worry, the short answer from yoga science is that all those fears and worries are not real. It is our ignorance that leads us to believe in their reality. Instead of striving yoga with finite objects and experiences, we should strive yoga with the Infinite. She is the only source of happiness and bliss. We shall discuss this issue many times in future. Today we shall discuss the qualifications of Guru for teaching the subjective science of Yoga.

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A Lifetime of Regrets

This fucking blog. It’s like a goddam albatross that hangs about my neck. My thoughts of it used to be accompanied by a pang of guilt, but now it just engenders a cold ball of dread that sits in the pit of my stomach. The digital graveyard is littered with blogs bearing a years-old post from a writer promising to update their site with renewed dedication and greater frequency, only to be followed by nothing. I make you no such promise. You’re already reading these words in the future. But just how far into the future are you? Have they invented hoverboards yet? If you’re still reading and interested, here is a list of the posts that I meant to write this year but never got around to:

Hoverboard 1

1. A response to a Brian Newman argument which is premised on the idea that film is a fungible commodity. It isn’t. (And maybe a sidebar on his need to identify successful YouTube content creators as Asian, even though their race/ethnicity is irrelevant to their work. An Aziz Ansari bit on the Other/essentialism that is relevant here.)

2. Something about the birth and death of Das Racist, and what the band–and specifically the work of Himanshu Suri–means to me. I wish these guys had figured out how to stay together; it would have been interesting to see what might have happened had they matured a little.

3. An analysis of the casual hipster racism in the Zooey Deschanel vehicle New Girl, a one-camera sitcom bearing dated popular culture references that I always get, and which I sometimes find laugh-out-loud funny. (Life is complicated).

4. An interview with KUMARE director Vikram Gandhi on the nature of religion, race, Orientalism and manipulation in documentary.


5. An interview with the world’s first White House documentarian, Arun Chaudhary. He actually did a Reddit AMA that is better than anything I could have turned out.

6. Something on the virtues of a good bike shop/mechanic. Shout out to Mike Rodriguez at Bicycle Station for dropping serious science on why my index shifter was fucked and then rapping with me about the economic ramifications of gentrification on small business owners. And also to the guy in the tracksuit at Bicycle Habitat who fixed my broken spoke AND checked/tightened my brakes without being asked to. (You’d be surprised how rare that is.)